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Paul Alexandre 2019

Paul Alexandre

aka Paintedarrow



"I dive deep into the ocean depths of my creative mind & Spirit when I surface I bring with me the treasures of what I found"~ Paintedarrow 2019

The discovery of my creative side saved my life that's how it all started  but really I won't bore you with my recovery story just know that becoming more conscious of your creative self can bring you into a new and wonderful world that can be a life changing experience and I deeply hope you can find yours too.

My work process is really easy to explain I simply zone into a playful intention with no true plan for the finish. It feels pure to me as forms begin to take hold the colors collide with a mixing and changing as the work progresses. As I begin to recognize something familiar within the forms developing I go with it if it feels right. From that point I finally recognize what is to be the subject of the work. From there I begin to paint the story/myth...

I am Paintedarrow which was the name I called my self when I discovered my creative energy using acrylic & oil paints in 2008. 

I was born a member of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation from Manitoba. My mother for some unknown reason gave me up at birth for the government of Canada to decide what my fate would be. I was soon to be adopted to a beautiful French Canadian Family of Alberta and raised on a farm in Airdrie just outside of Calgary.